If you’re looking for a writer to work on content for your health & fitness blog or website, I’m glad to offer my services!

How I provide value to your brand:

  • All my work will be authentic pieces. Nothing will be stolen from the Internet, including images. All the images I use on this website do not infringe on copyright laws.
  • I reply very quickly! Communication with my clients has always been my priority. Typically, I reply within an hour, usually less.
  • I’m flexible with my writing tone. I can write in an authoritative to conversational tone or anything in between.
  • Quick turnaround! As of now, I can promise a turnaround of two days for a 1000-word article. Usually, it’s even less than that. If I feel like I will need more time, I will inform you beforehand.
  • I do the appropriate research! Science plays a very important role in health & fitness. I’ll do everything I can to make sure the claims I write are backed up by appropriate studies.
  • Affordable rates! I charge on a per-word basis. We’ll discuss this once you’ve contacted me 🙂


“Firas is a highly talented writer with great work ethic. He takes care to thoroughly research each article and has the ability to provide a balanced, impartial perspective on the topic at hand.” -Michael Dunlop, Linkbuilder.io

Contact Me

If you’re interested in working with me, fill up the contact form below. Just type “Nucleus” in the message box, so I’ll know it’s not spam mail.

I’ll get back to you within a few hours via the email you provided! So make sure it’s an email address you use regularly.

From there, we’ll further discuss the topics you want me to work on, the nature of your blog, my rates, and so on!